VISA Credit Card Reissue!

VISA Credit Card Reissue!

Park Side will be sending new VISA credit cards to all members starting on October 16, 2017. Please activate the new card when it is received by calling 866-985-2273 and select a PIN.New cards will work starting November 8th.*

Current Classic VISA Holders

  • Will be issued a new card
  • Will no longer earn rewards
  • Reward accumulations will end 10/31/17
  • Have until 12/31/17 to use rewards points
  • Visit to redeem rewards

Current Platinum VISA Holders

  • Will be issued a new card
  • Reward Points earned through 10/31/17 will transfer to the new card and
    be available as of 11/8/17 at


  • 24/7 card assistance
  • More robust rewards program
  • Mobile wallet – shop without your card in-hand (use your phone)
  • In branch instant issue cards
  • Cash advances will still have the same interest rate as purchases
  • Improved security with EMV
  • Advanced fraud protection/detection

*Your old card will not work after November 7th, 2017