Financial Freedom

Financial Wellness Assessment

Our unique financial wellness assessment lets you take a step back, analyze your spending, budgeting, and saving habits so you can reflect on how you’re currently managing personal finances. This assessment addresses your individual financial decisions and goals before giving you recommendations on where you can improve and how to get started. It also provides […]


To Buy or Not to Buy?

Investing is like life: nothing ventured, nothing gained. If you’re planning to buy a home, you probably have good reasons for your decision. It may be that you share the feeling that owning your own home is a key part of the American dream. But there are also financial issues involved in buying real estate […]

Teach Financial Literacy at Home

It’s crucial for your family to know the basics of financial literacy, but how do you approach teaching them? Luckily, you’re making financial decisions every day—you simply need to let your kids in on the conversation. Make it real.  Teaching financial literacy doesn’t have to be a formalized lesson for your family. Experience is often […]

Dealer Relationships

We make it easy to shop, buy, and drive your car home all on the same day; but we don’t do it alone. We value the relationships that we’ve built with local auto and RV dealers, and that allows you to save money on the purchase and gain convenience through the process. Applying for financing […]

Community Involvement

Community Involvement

Park Side is a pioneer in the nonprofit world, adding value and stability to the foundational structure of our local towns and cities. Through strategic philanthropy and the idea of people helping people, we seek to engage more members and build stronger communities. The progressive Park Side Partner Program has created an unparalleled network of […]

Smart Money

We absolutely support your desire to attain a high level of financial wisdom and we not only provide products and services geared toward that purpose, Park Side also offers an experiential online financial literacy platform to assist you in navigating your journey toward financial wellness. Through responsive coaches, articles, loan calculators, and real-life simulations, our […]

Blog - Buying a Used Vehicle

Buying a Used Vehicle

It seems like the right time to buy a nice used vehicle, with great interest rates that can save you money and dealership inventory at a low point.  Why not build equity immediately and upgrade your ride without breaking the [credit union account]?  The terms and conditions at Park Side are favorable in many ways, […]

Park Side Days!

The fourth annual celebration of recreation is underway and you can take advantage of the deals through the middle of May.  Our members have discovered huge savings on car loans and recreational vehicle loans during this exclusive promotion when rates are as low as they’re ever going to be.  It’s a chance for us to […]

Hidden Lake Trail, Glacier National Park, Montana, USA

Welcome to the New Site!

We are excited to announce the release of a new website design.  With a refreshed look and expert navigation, our online branch has become the most convenient way to visit the credit union.  Our members deserve the best, and that is exactly why we spend time and money investing in the overall digital experience.  Park […]