50 Internet Safety Tips for 2024

Cybersecurity risks have grown just as rapidly as technology has and online scam artists are always finding new ways to lower a system’s defenses. Ramping up your cybersecurity awareness means learning how to stay safe online, and it’s the best way to keep your personal information (and money) safe from scammers. Here are 50 helpful […]

College Budget Breakdown

Most people ask, “How much does college cost?”—that’s the first mistake. It’s not to say this question isn’t answerable, but grouping college into one huge expense can be a little deceiving. The cost of a degree is so much more than a singular bill—especially if you factor in questions like where you’ll be living, how […]

How to Boost Your Local Economy

During a recession, there are plenty of things everyone can do to help boost the economy. Since most of the conversation about recessions tends to focus on what governments or big businesses can do to help the economy, it can be easy to feel like you have no way to help your community. While there […]

Tax Planning

Nothing is as certain as death and taxes. While no one has control over the former, there are ways to impact the latter. Read on for several areas where careful planning can lower your tax liability, either now or in the future. *To view current tax brackets and statuses, click here Retirement Account Contributions Contributions […]

When Times Get Tough

When emergencies and unexpected situations strike, it’s important to be prepared and make wise decisions. While tough times can vary, from a sudden job loss to a natural disaster, the steps that you can take to prepare yourself are often the same. There’s an old phrase that says “the best time to plant a tree […]

Certificates of Deposit and Share Certificates

If you’re willing to wait, a CD or share certificate can be a great way to earn a high interest rate on the money you deposit. The Basics You can get a certificate of deposit (CD) through almost any bank, while share certificates are available exclusively at credit unions. They are similar products. With both […]

Holiday Budgeting 101

It’s easy to get caught up in the magic of holiday spending. But if you’re relying on credit to make holiday wishes a reality, the magic often falls flat when your bills come due. Take the time now to create a holiday budget and avoid a post-holiday spending hangover. Be Realistic The best thing you […]

Workplace Cybersecurity

Interacting with technology at work is almost impossible to avoid. Do you know how to keep safe from the threats of malware, hackers, and scammers? It only takes one little slip-up to cause a big problem. This Coach session works like a training session, quizzing and improving four areas within your personal and professional cybersecurity […]

7 Tips to Lower Your Utility Bill

There are tons of little tips on how to spend less on utilities, but they often only save a few dollars over the course of a year. Here are 7 big tips that will help you lower those bills significantly without sacrificing comfort. 1. Add Up Your Watts In order to really cut down your […]

How to Increase Your Gas Mileage

No amount of wishful thinking will lower prices at the pump. Instead, focus on efforts that will make a difference—follow these 8 tips to increase your gas mileage and get the most out of every gallon. 1. Drop the cargo weight. Cleaning your car out isn’t just good advice from your mom—it can actually save you […]